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Sadly, a wonderful idea and potentially one of the coolest forums on Earth, if not for major flaws that completely ruin any enjoyment from it's users.

1. The basic system:
- Possibly the most inconvenient, inaccessible and unintuitive message board system I've EVER seen. Everything you are allowed to do, even the most basic amenities of forum usage are presented as "rewards" for accumulating high "karma" (an ironic term at best). Basically a badge of honor and level of validity to one's membership gained simply by signing on. You could type by mashing the keys with your face everyday for a year and be more accepted than a newbie with halfway decent ideas.
"Want to delete a post? Sorry Karma is too low. Want to search your own posts? Sorry. Mark a troll for harassing you? Sorry. Want to post more than ten times a day? Sorry" get the picture.
- There is no messaging system, so communicating on a personal level is impossible. They even make a point of saying the possible inclusion of such, is not even up for discussion.
- No 'Edit post' feature at all. Which means a lot of deleted posts which still take up room, and a LOT of double or triple posting and even more typos that certainly fail to go unnoticed by the site's "grammar police".
You think with all the pop ups and drop downs, this place could spring for some convenience...
- The karma system only serves to create an elitist atmosphere where the opinions of anyone with low karma are immediately written off as invalid or trollish.
- The codes for posting aren't presented to the poster when posting. You get a box. You type in the box. If you don't know the codes for italics or quoting. Meh, tuff shit.

2. Moderation:
If you look up corrupt in the dictionary.....
(or inept)
THE worst I've ever seen.
Anyone with intellect needs to seriously watch out, because apparently, the moderating staff is made up almost entirely of CJayC's punk-ass little brother's best friends. With all the anti-intelligence and pro-childish fight mob mentality you'd expect from thirteen year old boys.
Things that can net you moderation:
- Whole words and sentences
- Honesty
- Individuality
- Refusal to kowtow
- not kissing the right ass
- presenting a counter to fanboy supported games
- Being a decent person

3. The People:
Imagine a pool filled with people and no water. Imagine that 90% of said people are under the age of 18. Hopped up on sugar and bolstered by "Internet courage" Each one more "1337" than the last. Now imagine the remaining 10% are buried under the former struggling to breath and claw their way through the idiot kids only to reach the surface to be kicked in the face by a moderator and pushed back down into the depths of Internet Hell.

GAMEFAQS - Come for the FAQ's...stay for nothing else.
"Did you know I was banned from the gamefaqs message boards yesterday?"
"No way!"
"Yeah, it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me."
by FlowersInMidgar September 28, 2006
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I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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GameFAQs Message Boards- A place filled to the brim with idiot trolls who overuse pathetic jokes/insults during inappropriate times and incompetent moderators who seem to only want to endanger your account. This place is controlled by "Karma," or basically points rewarded to those who use the board. Basically, a place with all internet inconveniences merged into one. Not a fun place. No, not for anyone, even the trolls.
In GameFaqs Message Boards, I posted a topic asking on good tips for making a character guide for Brawl. Before I knew it, the topic turned into an argument over whether the character sucked or not. Apparently, I was allowed to use the character, but only if I thought the character sucked. Another time I asked for links to a place for downloading some Wii applications, and I was told it was illegal activity, then someone else said I wasn't "cool" enough to help. True stories. I'm not making this up.
by The Wise Traveling Clinic April 19, 2010
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A message board on the internet that has been destroyed by ignorant people, who call other people ignorant trolls. They constantly tell people that they're ignorant if they state a minor opinion. Look at examples for troll vs. non-troll. The game boards are flooded with fanboys who think that their games are gods. The social boards are invaded with losers(and the other kind by same pronounciation, if you know what I mean) who have no good life and live on the social boards. The Regs and Vets are often the rulers of either a gaming board or a social board, because they aren't good enough for the higher social boards.
User1: I think that Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was better than Ocarina of Time because the story was much more deeper, and that the dungeons were more challenging, although there were only 4 main dungeons. The sidequests did make up for the limited dungeons, too.

User2: You are an ignorant troll for posting this crap. You need to DIE because you think that MM is better than OoT. OoT is THE BEST ZELDA GAME with NO FLAWS. Limited sidequests in OoT is a bunch of BS. Go back to your troll cave, troll. *Mods u lolz*

User1: hey i just played wind waker bc my friends said it was good. well, i didnt really like it that much bc the game was waay too short compared to the rest of the series. i hope that the next game will be better!

User2: There is NO such thing as a short Zelda game. You're a blind troll just bashing tWW because you think its graphics were kiddy. Admit it, you KNOW it's true that you think the graphics were kiddy! C'mon! ADMIT IT!

User1: no i actually liked the graphi--
andor3: STFU you troll.
by Lance9384 June 11, 2005
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A place full of losers who piss and moan about spelling mistakes and grammar (although half the time when they refer to "grammar", they really mean spelling)

Also the game boards are populated with more losers who blindly defend the respective game, and automatically label any dissenters fanboys/trolls. (anyone who doesn't like GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is automatically labelled a GoldenEye or Halo fanboy for example) Anyone who doesn't particularly like whatever game the board is based on is automatically a troll and must be banned.
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent boards at GameFAQs. There was one topic on there where the starter explained his reasons for disliking Rogue Agent. The whole thing was completely thrown off topic because of a couple of people who couldn't get over the fact that he didn't use capitals - they thought this was "bad grammar".
by DCI December 06, 2004
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One of the most irritating places on the web.The reson?
well, if you have ass kissing points below
30(aka karma) normal users assume your a dumbass and treat you like shit,even if your just asking a simple question and arnt trying to troll. This is becouse most people there tend to be very elitist. People also have an annoying
tendency to bitch and complain about simple spelling errors, (like spelling ganon with two n's instead of one) while completly ignorring the tc's topic. their are also a shit load of annoying fanboys that get pissed off over very trivial things (like not likeing there show) and like to debate on dumb things like who could win in a fight between monkey D. luffy and sora.(note that said topics only lead to flame wars). So if your a normal person with a real life and you like to play video games just go the gamefaqs for the faqs and avoid the hell hole message boards.
topic from GameFAQs Message Boards normal person: are they realy makeing a Tales of Symphoneia anime?

elitist gamefaqer 1: you stupid noob! symPHONia doen't have an e in it, lol.

elitist gamefaqer 2: yeah! learn to spell, retard!

annoying fanboy: rofl,we've all known about it for a year,

normal person: ooookay... can any one answer my question?
by lostandfound May 23, 2007
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the most horrible place in the world

where gamefaqs moderators delete your posts when u try to voice out your opinion
i got 10 karma deleted for voicing my opinion
by anonymous August 24, 2004
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