An extremely fat person who resembles a ball with arms legs and a very small head. they are often seen eating "freedom" fries and other fatty foods
by general_hamster March 14, 2003
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A word that describes a person who is cute and/or cuddly
awww, they are so tubby
by weradsfuy April 26, 2018
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A very fat person who loves to eat Burger King to the point that he believes he is the Burger King... He loves to live a Fat lifestyle and uses food to describe things and his favorite outing include food.
"Tubby must eat burger king on several occasions."
by Ohm September 9, 2006
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A handsome young man who is succesful in everyhting he does, and doesn;t need to go jogging at town lake to prove it
Chris is so tubby, all the girls want him and all the men want to be him
by Stephen Hawkings March 11, 2005
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bryan a fat person that hates to be called tubby

also a white person who is poor

stop denieing ur fat tubby its ok we still love you
tubby even if you had money i wouldnt go out with you lol
by emma October 20, 2004
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a very cute and sexy girl who looks like a stick but satiracally is called tubby
miss emily dean aka tubbilicious is tubby
by lester banks October 5, 2006
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