Hwang Hyunjin is an talented adorable fluff who has the cutest cuddly, shy, and weird personality. He has an amazing stage presence and great dancing skills. He can basically do anything like singing, rapping, and dancing. His singing style is so much more different than his rapping style.... like wtf??its so.....soft..... Also, stan him for his talents and personality too.... NOT ONLY his visuals!!!! Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

He also has some pretty thicc thighs too. ;-)
No one:
by hyunjinenthusiast February 28, 2019
Hwang Hyunjin aka the definition of perfection,Talent,beauty,Kind,hardworking,sweet,adorable,angel(sometimes can be a devil tho).
Me: Hwang Hyunjin is literally so perfect and hard-working people should respect and bias him dor his hard work and not only because of his visuals
Someone: IKR!!!!Hwang Hyunjin is so talented I wish he saw himself the way we see :(
by lcvinpanda November 22, 2018
The cutest & the hottest man alive, a member of a group named Stray Kids.
Anyways stan talent stan stray kids
Who's Hwang Hyunjin?

That's a member from Stray Kids.
by Hope69 October 4, 2019
Dancer, rapper, singer, visual and also producer of Stray Kids. An all rounder and definition of perfection. Also known as 4th gen it boy.
So Hwang Hyunjin is really cool?
Not just cool, he is also super kind, generous, dramatic and thoughtful!
by imjune April 12, 2021
1. Used to describe a person that excells in everything they do, as well as being the human form of kindness, generosity and respectfulness.
I i wish my man was a hwang hyunjin! He's such a jerk.
by Bestboyskz February 27, 2021