A term used to express approval, especially to the point of expressing a person's sex appeal; often used sarcastically
Person 1: Did you see that chick?
Person 2: I'd tap that!
by Merovingian July 23, 2005
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When someone sees a nice refreshing river, they say "I'd tap that", meaning, they'd like to put a plumbing system in and "tap" the water supply.
Frank: Wow, look at that lovely river.
Anne: I'd tap that!
by dannybolabo February 26, 2008
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a phrase meaning you like something or someone.
Annabel Parker <i'd tap that!
by Mirandary November 18, 2007
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when someone uses it to joke around, or when someone likes what they see, they say i'd tap that as in that'd like to be with that person. not any sexual intercourse.
i'd like to tap that homiee .so yeah, i'd tap that.
by mariiellen = ) March 21, 2006
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Same as I'd hit it
meaning I'd have sexual relations with that girl
Wow! She's hot, I'd tap it!
by bende January 3, 2004
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Expression used to show interest or appeal in ones sexual appearance.
John: Hey Mike, check out this hot new pic of Katie off of Facebook!

Mike: I'd tap that!
by leesoer May 21, 2009
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A phrase used in a sexual appeal to someone/something.

It's origin comes from back in the old days when a farmer would shove a tap in a tree to get syrup. people today use the "tap" to name their penis.
"Woh, see that chick's ass man?"
"Yeah dude, I'd tap that!"
by HJxJJ March 3, 2012
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