Stray Kids are the most inspiring K-pop boy group of all time. Stray Kids encourage their fans (Stay) to be themselves and teach them about the completely normal up and downs of growing up. Being a Stray Kids fan, a Stay, has the same feeling as being curled up in your favourite blanket. Stray Kids makes you feel warm and comfortable and their songs have the ability to lift any mood. Stray Kids have there fans back 24/7 and stay by our sides no matter what. Stray Kids teach us how to be ourselves. Stray Kids currently consists of 8 overly attractive and talented members who each give of their own unique charm which creates the masterpiece we know as Stray Kids.

You make Stray Kids stay, but most importantly, Stray Kids make us Stay.
by Hwangjin May 14, 2020
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Someone: did you see that kid at the dance party yesterday?
Me: yeah, he’s just like Minho from stray kids but less talented and irrelevant
by alfen April 7, 2019
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A Korean boy band that consists of 8 members: Bangchan, Lee know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Their official fan name is "Stay". This group can be split into 3 sub-groups. 3RACHA (Bangchan, Changbin, Han), this group is known for producing songs and coming up with lyrics. DanceRACHA (Hyunjin, Felix, Lee know) this group holds the 3 main dancers. VocalRACHA (I.N, Seungmin) this group has the main vocalist. Although they have 3 sub-units all of the members can sing, dance, and rap. This group is proven to be very talented.
"Hey, have you heard the album "In Life" by Stray Kids?"
"Yea it's really good, I like the song "Easy"!"
by di11ie March 2, 2021
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Adorable little shits who deserves all the love in the world fite me
Stray Kids are debut kings someone fite me i'm mad
by EdgyEmoBoii April 24, 2018
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8 member Korean boy group with 8 all rounders; also known by the name of baby photos
"God's Menu by Stray kids is the soty"

"Step out! We are Baby Photos!"
by linostickers November 7, 2020
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Not to be confused with 'Straight Lids' because they are far from straight. These talented gay boys will blow your mind with their singing, dancing and rapping, which all 9 of them can do.
They are under the company JYP ENT and were created on a reality show, also called Stray Kids.

They released their extended play 'Mixtape' in January 2018 and officially debuted on March 25 2018 with 'I Am Not'.
Stray Kids have since then released 'I Am Not' 'I Am Who' and 'I am You', which have all been bops, if I do say so myself.
They are the definition of crackhead culture, even being the fetuses they are.
Hey, I just heard of Straight Kids? They're really good!
I think you meant Stray Kids. And yes, they are amazing.
by westankings January 25, 2019
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Stray Kids usually means being amazing all around and hard working.

Stray kids is a 9 member kpop boy group from South Korea, they're also a type of medicine.

there are many ships, but the superior ones are Changlix and Minsung, (are the main hoes) also theres this guy full with talent and visuals called Hyunjin, (aka my ultimate bias) who just cant keep his hands to himself and likes every member and knows everything and all the gossips, his laugh is precious as well.

stray kids are all precious support them and protect them at a l l costs

by Kpoped-so-hard May 19, 2018
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