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Comedian who's career sky rocketed when it became apparent to MTV that weasel noises are what make teenagers laugh the most during the 90's.
Pauly Shore:Hey Buddddyyy!
MTV excutive:He's like picaso but retarted!
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
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The next level in being pissed off just above "Jesus Christ." Though this contains more empahsis on a prolonged bit of pissofery for the Biscuit contains glucose inducing carbo's. Not to be mistaken with chris on a biscuit because that's just canabolism you sick fuck.
Ticket Booth Salesmen:Oh I'm sorry sir all of the tickets have been sold out.
Me: Christ on a Biscuit !
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
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What constructino workers due in there off time or when there are extra nails lying around.
Construction Worker:Hey Dave im not really hungry want to go in the back and practice your fisting technique.
Other CW:sure why not.
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
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Half of what is responsible for the phenomena called deja vu for when the combining of the cowbell's steel casing and Will Ferrell awsome talent were combined that saturday night the space time continuum was ripped by pure awsomeness.
Will Ferrell: I would be doing myself and everyone in here a diservice if I didn't play the hell out of this cowbell.
Jimmy Fallon: *Boyish Backround Giggle*
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
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Greys Anatomy, a wicked dramedy show regularly appearing weekly on ABC. The show is cradled by the begining and end narration sequences which often deliver the shows theme, along side award winning acting.

Features sexy people doing smart things and making Brain Surgery look like something you might find in Kama Sutra manuals or People Magazines sexiest list.

Though some might shrug it as another hosiptal drama that is a generic rip off of ER it may be seen as that in some way but, even if so it reigns as the deity of power over all other past and present hosiptal shows.
Greys Anatomy
George:Let's fuck and instead of smoking a cigarette after read up on harlequin fetus!
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 27, 2006
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What is created when a internet addicted asshole feels the need to make himself feel unique.

A reaction of a genetic predesposition for neurotic tendencies, paranoia, and plain old idiocy.

The theorys that make acutal anti-goverment work that makes sense, and has factual backround look ridiculous.
Conspiracy Theory
Alex Jones: Think about it, why does George Bush never talk about his asshole during his speaches, he finds it perfectly reasonable to talk about countries on the other side of the world and yet not about the thing 2 and a half feet from his monkey esque mouth, and I'll tell you why logically speaking as a reporter you can only come to the conclusion that his asshole is a magical space wizard with plans of global domination.
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 27, 2006
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How your grandparents describe you.
Grandma:Oh but hes such a handsome boy.
Guy:Oh really!? and here I thought he was just a tubby little fucker ^-^
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
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