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When a girl grabs your cock and does nothing but hold on.
Instead of getting ass at the party last night, Robbie got handle barred. What's worse is she fell asleep.
by Kyle God August 10, 2007
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1. The act of having sex on a bicycle
2. When a girl buts her ass in your face while you finger her.
3. When a girl grabs on to your dick and doesn't let go.
Sanders got handlebarred by Tyson last night!!!

I handlebarred the hell out of her. I'm pretty sure she got tire grease all over her ass.

She said she was wanking me, but it seemed like she was just handlebarring me .
by Mainstream Fuckboi December 21, 2015
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When a gentleman is forcefully removed from a bar or nightclub because he has a grotesque and tacky mustache.

This phrase works on many levels: "Handlebar" refers to the gentleman's handlebar mustache. The word "bar" in the phrase indicated that he is hoping to obtain entry into a bar or nightclub. Finally, the word "barred" also refers to his expulsion or being barred from said establishment.
Gentleman 1: How come they kicked us out of that club? Was it my jacket?
Gentleman 2: No, it was your ridiculous 80's 'stache. Man, you got HANDLEBARRED.
by EvanMoody May 02, 2009
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