15 definitions by The Greg

Yamaha's FZR line of motorcycles.
FZR600Rs are the best
Greg's bike is sweet, hes got that '96 fizzer
by The Greg June 18, 2004
A yes or no question, refering to the legality of having sex with a minor.
Greg: "Hey Dan, check out that hottie. How old is she?"
Dan: "Dude, shes no, but she'll totally be yes in a year."
by The Greg June 10, 2004
What Dan's dad does to him with the giant mexican cock.
Dan gets fadonked so much he has to wear a helmet
by The Greg June 11, 2004
Name used for José Dan when he does something particularly pussy-like.
See also: mangina
Hes such a dangina, he cant even wheelie his motorcycle
by The Greg June 10, 2004
when the penis is soft and the skin from ones penis is stretched over the pink so one can not see the pink.
man, that speedo made this dick all tarped and shit.
by The Greg December 15, 2004
Gibberish, similar to spanglish, that Dan Dan the Mexican yells when he gets really pissed off and cant speak right.
Squiggilyfuck Tony is a dumbshit!!!
by The Greg June 10, 2004
Tool used to clean out dirty, smelly vaginas.
JP's finger sees more dirty cooch than a douche nozzle at a mexican whore house.
by The Greg July 1, 2004