An excessively geeky, stinky, or strange ham (amateur) radio operator. In other words, your typical ham radio operator.
Even though I have my ham license, I'm not a hambone because I'm normal.
by Scout 740 Baker April 17, 2004
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Something which is wonderful in a soup and distressing in a movie. Connotation varies according to the likability of the actor being described, with William Shatner at the affectionate end of the spectrum and David Caruso at the other. See "Shatnering."
Yeah, Shatner's a hambone, but he's OUR hambone.
by David Bryant May 8, 2004
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to be or act in a hambone like manner
wow mike was being a major hambone in law and you class yesterday
by petey green December 13, 2007
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Person that is not good enough to start a soccer game. Similar to a bench warmer.
Coach, put the "hambone" in, we are ahead by 4 goals, we can afford it.
by r0ckstar September 16, 2006
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A person who attempted (or was accused of attempting) rape sometime during their highschool career. Whether they attempted the act or not, some drunk female may have accused them of such. In an SNL skit with Will Ferrell, he gives a shoutout to "hambone! check it out! tried to rape a girl in highschool!", and thus this definition.
<guy 1> Hambone! Check it out! I heard your theRapist ass tried to rape that Becky chick!
<Harrison> Fuck that shit. stupid drunk bitch, i didn't try anything.
<guy 1> ...we're still calling you hambone forever now.
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A series of rythmic slaps and pats on the body to create music. Can also be used to fend off muggers.
You finna mug me bro? Hamboning could save your life one day ya know.
by Apache99 March 2, 2018
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Smack your hands against your body repeatedly, mainly the torso to chest area, and continue to smack hands on body and say "hambooooniiinngggg" in Rigby's voice from Regular Show.
Mordecai: No...
Rigby: HAMBONING WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY!!!! It'll be like "what! you tried to mug me?"
*proceeds to hambone for 20 seconds*
Mordecai: NO! We're not doing that, okay!? Okay!?
Rigby: Fine...
by ayyywasupdoe January 29, 2020
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