The term used to describe somehow who has a large cock and love fucking black girls.
Damn, that kid Robbie is a hambone.
by Josh W Thompson April 7, 2018
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A song on which to jam.
Been jammin’ on this hambone all morning
by tsegal1 January 11, 2022
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A bald homo-phobe that masks this disease by accusing others of having it. Makes every situation seem gay. Also, did I mention that he is bald? Gets a cul de sac five o'clock shadow. Sometimes is refered to as pigs in a blanket.
Dude, eveything is gay with you, your such a hamboner.
by DeltaShift September 9, 2010
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This is a passionate act of love and hate combined and is where your having passionate sex the man pulls out before cumming and lubes the bone from a ham with his cum. Then proceeds to continue the sex with said bone
Man i wanna Damn Hambone you girl.
by TheGodOfZeus January 6, 2021
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