Dietrich:Usually an attractive person that is funny, cool, nice, cute, with brown eyes, dark hair, and is very sexy.
Wow! I want to date that Dietrich, he's hot!
by JosyVelasquez November 21, 2012
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A fancy way of saying "mindfuck"
He just wants to mess with you, you know, totally dietrich you!
by rhymeswith January 31, 2009
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-a creative and tall hispanic man
I met this totally hot Dietrich today.

My friend's dad is such a Dietrich when he goes to pupuserías.
by Dietrich Anaya May 31, 2011
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A smart, fierce, pretty, brave girl who is a bit shy. She has good friends and is a book nerd. You can tell her anything, she is loyal to the end. She will do anything to make you smile, even if she is a bit annoying. Ar first she is mean, rude and a bit bratty, but she has a heart of gold.
I can tell anything to Dietrich.
by ZoeyKitty22 December 3, 2016
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A self absorbing cocky arrogant liar delusion mental crack case a dummy and idiot a mind fuck of a person
Or yk Dietrich he dunce and does lie bad

Yh heself
by Ihatealldietrichs November 24, 2021
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Dietrich is a black handsome male who is strong and loyal.

Dietrich is a really loving and caring guy .Dietrich is mean and always trying to fight some body .
One time he tried to fight his fake step mama and she slammed him .he almost won tho .😂

&& don’t ever call Dietrich your son or best friend because he already has a mom ,a step mom ♥️ And a best friend ♥️. Thank y’all an have a goo day .
Some girl :hey look at that boy over there

Another girl :who Dietrich?
Some girl: Yes he is so fine and I heard he was loyal

Another girl : yea he is unlike his friends
by His stepmom May 5, 2019
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