an over weight sloppy girl that has lost all self respect for themselves thus making them also a slut willing to have sex with any and everyone.
by william mcfap September 25, 2011
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Drunk and high. When a person drinks (one slice of bread) in combination with smoking (the other slice of bread), they become the ham sandwich.
Unsuspecting College Freshman1: "Hey man, lets get really high tonight."

More knowledgeable upperclassman: "Awesome, lets smoke your weed."

*Proceed to get really high*

Unsuspecting College Freshman2: "Hey guys, I bought beer from this homeless guy."

UCF1: "I can't turn down free beer, lets get drunk!"

MKU: "I'll sit this one out."

UCF1+2: Puke everywhere and die.

MKU: "Man, right before they died, they were totally ham sandwiched."
by Whothefuckk March 15, 2012
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The act of one man fucking a women from the front, another fucking her from the back, and a man suddenly running out of a closet with a hammer and hitting the girl over the head with it.
Kate almost died when we ham sandwiched her last night, it was funny as hell
by MOSESLOVER November 09, 2010
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Wonder bread, Miracle Whip, american cheese and, of course, ham. The favorite food of the Hobo.
Willy was on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

by billybobb December 18, 2005
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