Short for "Sault Ste. Marie", Upper Michigan's second largest city. Compared to real cities, the Sault is a poor hick's idea of what civilization may be like.
Yoopers think the Sault is poppin, but downstaters know it's a shithole.
by rrbransss February 22, 2012
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To obsessivly cock-block by DJing
Dude that DJ is saulting me.
by DJ SAULT April 1, 2011
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Sault (Soo) vision is a terrible visual effect claiming the dignities of many men. It is acquired from spending too much time in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Due to the lack of good looking girls, your vision adjusts to make ugly broads appear hot. Once leaving "the Soo", your vision readjusts and you realize that hot broad you slayed was actually a troll preying on men effected by Soo Vision. Before engaging in any act with a broad from "The Soo", it is advisable to request the approval from a minimum of 3 bro's. Without it, you risk a nasty surprise upon leaving the city.
Ben: "bro that broad I banged last weekend in the Soo was a fucking rocket. Brandon: " man are you kidding? She was barely a 4! You must be under the influence if Sault Vision"
by Soo Vision Victom January 7, 2014
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to be asaultted ont he internet, sexually or other
RetartedPerv99: "what are you wearing"
AnnoyedPerson: "Ugh, soo not in the mood to be e-saulted."
by Kristy Schu July 1, 2008
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When you think a woman is a ten but she’s actually a three.
Man I went to this bar in Toronto and the waitresses there were so fucking hot that I felt my Sault Goggles being lifted right off my face.
by Friendly Neighborhood Hoser April 30, 2018
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Twin border cities; Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada and Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, U.S.A. These two cities of a combined hundred thousand people with the Canadian side housing 75, 000 citizens and share a common border along the St- Mary's River wich connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Both c ities are mostly working class with the Algoma Steel Plant and the St Mary's paper mill on the Canadian side, but also have three post secondary education centers in the area. Lake Superior State University in Michigan and Algoma University and Sault College of Applied Arts in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Though both cities share a natural landscape, the Canadian side has a social advantage with a younger drinking age at 19, better beer and a more leniant attitude and price for marijuana ( a quarter goes for $60- $80 Canadian).
lets cross the river to Sault Ste Marie Canada and get some cheap weed.
by Oh Canabis December 30, 2005
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Pronounced: Soo-saint-Marie style. A sex act where she has a strap-on and enters his ass while he, hips inverted to hers, enters her ass and they anal fuck each other. Preferred by her since he'll usually give her control of the rate and pressure. Also known as "The Soo" for the towns on either side of the US Canada border.
"Both you and yer hubby are walking funny today, Darla. You did it Sault Ste Marie style last night, didn't ya?"
by Simon Proxy January 9, 2016
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