slang for Framingham. A town in Massachusetts west of Boston. Sometimes used with the word "dirty" preceding the word ham (ie. the dirty ham) in an attempt to communicate just how gritty/"gangsta" we are.
(Person in Framingham): ayo, i'm in the ham.
by Grid November 11, 2007
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Use like "the man", as in "you da man!". Also applies to objects.
you did it! you are The Ham!

how's your beer? it's The Ham.
by TreeWeezel December 5, 2011
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Instead of saying, "thats the shit" you would say "thats the ham" in case of family presense.
"Did you see Andy t-bad that inanimate object?"

"Yeah, it was the ham!"
by trojan_man007 August 7, 2008
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reference to Chlamydia. Frequently used in the Philadelphia region by street walkers.
That ho is nasty, she got the ham.
by Ferdog March 14, 2006
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Acting excessively silly, or wildly exaggerating a stereotype for fun hamming it up
Did you see the girls with the bachelorette party? Oh, the ones at the bar wearing feather boas, smoking cigars, and drinking blowjob shots? Yeah, they were totally hamming it up for the camera.
by Zaunliebende Südstaatler March 20, 2015
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A ham is someone who says or does silly things to be the center of attention. Although anyone can be a ham, you'll often see this with children who are around unfamiliar adults.
That kid is such a ham. When Aunt Lori came over for dinner, he spent the entire time talking in a pirate voice and saying "arr". She thought it was hilarious, so he just kept up his routine the whole night.
by Greggie Eggie January 29, 2017
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A Ham is a burger with no bread. A loser, a peasant, a bum with no motion and no desire or solution to make some money. Whatever you do stay away from Hams they are contagious and NEED a vaccine.
Yusuf is a ham bro, he was begging for 10$ to his cashapp for to buy a lettace wrap. He gotta get off his ass and make some bread.
by Taliburner July 17, 2022
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