Former house majority leader; resigned in disgrace. A criminally insane political prostitute with no conscience. Tom Delay is known to give handjobs to lobbyists for wooden nickels.
Tom Delay says: I'll jerk you off for a cheeseburger and a trip to St. Andrews.
by author July 16, 2006
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Suspect in an U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command(CID) probe into loan sharking, cash-for-title, and sleazy collection agency fraud that had been feasting on and victimizing U.S. Army soldiers around Texas army installations, most notably Fort Hood. Keynote speaker for cash-for-title industry, and perrenial consumer of their lobbying dollars. Former legislative champion for bottom-feeder predatory industries. Resigned when indicted in Texas for unrelated tomfoolery.
He cares about her about as much as Tom Delay gives a shit if a soldier gets his car repoed while risking his life in Iraq over a $200 loan. What a turd.
by huronking March 22, 2009
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Evil un-American, unethical bastard who imposes his radical christian right-wing beliefs on others and threatens to destroy anyone who opposes his radical extremism. Has absolutely no respect for the constitution or judges upholding the constitution. A former exterminator who is now a corrupt puppet for the energy industry.
Hopefully that large bus will do the patriotic thing and run over Tom DeLay.

Give Tom DeLay $10000000 and he will let your company destroy America while the taxpayers are forced to clean up the mess.
by J April 22, 2005
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One of the biggest fuckers on the planet. Panders to the right and does not compromise with the left.
Hopefully, Tom Delay will be forced to resign.
by Alex April 30, 2005
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When used as a transitive verb, to screw someone or something over in a completely gratuitous gesture of amoral nihilistic sadism. Can be shortened to "DeLay."
Us Military personel are really being Tom Delayed twice -- first they're sent to Iraq and then, upon their return, their veterans' benefits are getting cut. Joke's on them, I suppose.
by Rupert Smithers March 15, 2005
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An evil bastard who preaches his moronic fear-breeding Christian Conservatism the same way that Hitler preached anti-Semitism. If Tom DeLay becomes president, he probably will make concentration camps for liberals.

How bout job placement for DeLay? PUt him to work in a nursing home will he will spend the rest of his life wiping old people's assholes
And the award for world's greatest asshole...

by I Hate Conformists April 30, 2005
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