He half inched my wallet!
Don't you half inch anything old chap!
by Nick Samuel March 11, 2006
To 'pinch' something

Not a form of minor physical violence or playful teastin but more to 'steal' something from someone or somewhere.
That blady teevs gone 'n' half-inched me poodle!
by Jimma March 1, 2004
a man whose unusually small penis is suprisingly satisfying.
I gave Brenda the 'ol half-inch hero last night
by John Warner August 18, 2006
when giving a woman oral sex, and slipping past the vaginal opening, and accidentally licking the anus.
D00D, i was chowin on her box, then it tasted nasty, i knew i just made a half inch slip! got any mouthwash?
by BuLL January 6, 2005