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1. Of or pertaining to any derogatory aspersion usually hurled from one player to the other in, or pertaining to, a game of Counter-Strike. I.E. 'You just got pwn3d j00 b!7ch!! Fwice!' Other such words include: Foalf!, Doowahl!, ETI!, BWALST!, HASSIAH!, and/or any variation thereof.
2. Of or pertaining to Donner's mother. 'Yo I hit that fwice seven times last night!!'
Pwnt j0r c0tch! Fwice!
by BuLL January 24, 2004
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acronym; Just Empty Every Pocket, used by offroaders driving vehicles of make similar to word originally manufactured by AMC or more recently by Daimler-Chrysler.
My paycheck goes directly to my Jeep.
by BuLL April 8, 2003
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when giving a woman oral sex, and slipping past the vaginal opening, and accidentally licking the anus.
D00D, i was chowin on her box, then it tasted nasty, i knew i just made a half inch slip! got any mouthwash?
by BuLL January 6, 2005
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A white collar or office professional that has an expensive lifestyle. Typically single or married without kids. Loves shopping, partying, nightlife. Works hard and plays hard. Lifestyle makes them a slave to a high-paying, but infinitely boring and mundane career path, thusly enslaving them to the money. Said lifestyle is an escape from the monotony of work, but the income from work is needed to support the lifestyle. A vicious, enslaving, circle.
"This job blows ass. If I wasn't such a money slave, I'd walk outta here right now!"
by BuLL December 19, 2003
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Much like the shocker this is a term used to describe inserting two fingers in the vagina, and one in the anus.
by BuLL January 6, 2005
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jargon; a vehicle capable of four point propulsion by means of front and rear axle differentials. Power from the engine and transmission is directed fore and aft via a transfer case into differentials which turn the tires. Vehicles generally capable of traveling with little or no problem on most types of terrain. See also word Jeep
My 4x4 is built for rockcrawling.
by BuLL April 8, 2003
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