5 definitions by Kiki's twin, kikiara

A invisible person who doesn't exist but people say they kick kindergarteners butts but she doesn't.
Girl: did you see that invisible person yesterday

Girl: oh right.. it was probably a kikiara
by Kiki's twin, kikiara February 19, 2019
Girl: Hey you see that garbage over there
Other girl: looks likes fortnite
by Kiki's twin, kikiara February 19, 2019
That Feeling. Ah. Yes. That Feeling. So Nice And Gentle.
Girl: Hey I just won a game I've never played before!
Other girl: Wow so cool, bet you got that feeling when you won a game you never played before...?
by Kiki's twin, kikiara May 7, 2020
k wali is the greatest person in the world if you ever meet a k wali please keep her under control she can get very crazy because she laughs wayyyyy too much she is very lucky to have everyone she has around her and she will learn to be social when she is ready. oh and her school is very high tech and it is over ground and everyone in that school gets hoverboards and helicopters because they are super cool
girl: OMG! is that a k wali she has a hover borad and i helicopter

other girl: probably
by Kiki's twin, kikiara June 19, 2019