"hajs" it's a slang word for money in Polish language.
- Gdzie jest mój hajs? (Where is my money?)
by halapenio November 10, 2012
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A word typically used in the Jewish Syrian-Sephardic community of New York and New Jersey which means Enough and or stop/no aka haj.
Mark James said to Sallie "could we go bungee jumping?" Sallie responded "Haj Mark, it's so far."
by Mr Mark James June 01, 2019
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If you don't know the meaning of haj, you shouldn't use it.
by Camisonegayboi January 14, 2021
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Of Arab descent, and from New Jersey. Typically used by people from New York.
"Hey, the guy is a Haj from Jersey, what do you expect?"
by Hercules from NJ October 27, 2009
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Racial Slang for Arabs.

-Derives from Hajjie on Johnie Quest (show on cartoon network)
Look, that haj is having oral sex with a camel and wiping up the semen with his turban!
by bradford armstrong June 11, 2005
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when something is beyond awesome, (usually with great tits)
by D$aki November 03, 2010
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1. The holy journey to Mecca. It is an act of worship (pilgrimage). It usually gives a great spiritual boost to the pilgrim.

2. A title given to the person who has performed the act of haj. Usually indicates wisdom and serenity.

3. A title sometime given to an elderly Muslim who seems as wise and serene as a haj. This use of the word is controversial however.
First Person: Ahmad is back from haj!
Second Person: Great let's go and congratulate him.

I met Haj Hasan yesterday! He is so wise and respectable.

Haj Ali is a nice person but he didn't have a chance to perform haj yet. He is so eager to see Mecca.
by commentator December 01, 2007
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