A MUSLIM must take a pilgrimage to Mecca sometime in their lifetime if they are physically able.
by Much Lovee January 11, 2006
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slang for going to lay a huge brick, in some unexpecting loo.
john: im going on a pilgrimage...
$ami-g: not in my fuckin bog, u bitchass fool.
you're goin the right way for a mushroom slapping!
by ---Sam--- February 4, 2007
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a buddhist must take a pilgrimage to mecca over their lifetime
by vegihumor333 August 22, 2003
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The trip to Beirut, Lebanon that every real beirut player must make at least once in his/her lifetime. Generally involves a week straight of playing the game and drinking beer with Lebanese boozehounds.
Ryan Seacrest: "Hey, where was Jimmy last night? Circle jerks just aren't the same without him."
William Hung: "Oh yeah, he's gonna be gone all week, he's in the middle east."
Ryan Seacrest: "The pilgrimage, eh?"
William Hung: "You know it, dogg. Oh, oh, oh yeah, there it is!" *SPLAT*
Ryan Seacrest: "Damn! Looks like I have to eat the jizz muffin again."
by Nick D May 1, 2004
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The retreat to the restroom that one makes in order to escape an uncomfortable social situation.
"Where'd you go for two hours? You missed half the party!"

"Oh, it's not over yet? I have to pee again..."

"Friend, if you keep making scott pilgrimages, that girl with the squiggly hair will never talk to you. Mostly because she can't enter the men's restroom."
by NoeOffenseBut... October 10, 2014
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A relationship in which a great journey involving many social obstacles (exes, family, etc) must be taken before it can be initiated.
Person 1: God damn, being with Rebecca's such a scott pilgrimage; I've had to go through her parents and 3 of her exes and we haven't even kissed!
Person 2: Aw shit dude I'm so sorry
by Mogax December 23, 2014
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