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The ultimate woman! Big Ass, Big Tits, Beautiful Smile, and the smarts to go with it.
"Damn, that girl is a total Sallie"
by dirty girl for life March 03, 2010
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Excess funds from a school or education loan administered by Sallie Mae Corporation. While supposed to be used for living expenses, students then use this money to go out drinking or other non-education related pursuits.
"Hey, Lemme get this round of beers. Sallie's buying."

by drunklawstudent March 06, 2008
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A first class loser, one who has a unbelievably smart husband, but neglects him so he turns his attention towards super hero fantasies, also someone who has extreme diarrhea.
Peggie. What's that girls name?
Ryan. Sallie.
Peggie. Oh that explains it.
by Ejbakapezhead September 06, 2017
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Any member of Phi Psi when referred to by another male, or educated female.
Damn, those Sallies across the street are lame.
by Sig machi November 14, 2008
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