She is an amazing girl that always makes you laugh. She makes it hard to work on your work when you work with her m. She has a million friends and she deserves them.
Oh my gosh it’s sallie!!!! She is so cool
by Ydnfjakdudjhdjdvkxkgnskfudk February 13, 2019
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Any member of Phi Psi when referred to by another male, or educated female.
Damn, those Sallies across the street are lame.
by Sig machi November 15, 2008
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Sallying is a unique art branched off of sexting. It is romantic, courteous, and poetic; yet it remains sexy and energetic. Sallying can be fulfilled through text or over the phone. For best results, sexy photos of one another can be included.
Example 1:
Peter: "Dude, I heard you were sallying that babe yesterday! Did she send you a sally back??"
Tyrone: "Yeah, man. I've never been so horny in my life! I even got this sexy picture of her!"

Example 2: My girlfriend sent me this sally. She's so pro.
Now that our bodies would be closely pressed against one another, our breathing would start to get heavy, and the room would suddenly appear a lot warmer. As if per instinct, our bodies would then start to move against each other, in an unspoken yet mutually perceived rhythm. By this point, our heavy breathing would then turn to short sighs.
by R&W September 5, 2011
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The prettiest most perfect girl you will ever meet. You might melt because she is hot af. She is the prettiest and most amazing person. Don’t lose her or you will be sad for the rest of your life. XOXO <3
Your girlfriend sucks compared to my Sally.
by Sallyiscute August 22, 2021
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She is a sexy, strong, courageous, independent woman. A woman that isn't going to stand by and be bullied by anyone nor let you bully someone else in her presence.

A woman that is both beautiful on the inside and out. Many may call her a saint. She will have your back in any fight, and so you better have her's too, and if not she will discard you for the coward trash heap you are.

She is a dear friend, a shoulder to cry on, an encourager, trustworthy and respectable
when you are down and out, who ya going to call? Call Sally.
by The awesome Wonder Woman February 3, 2010
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purely and simply outstanding. She's one who you can rely on , one whose the most gorgeous looking girl you'll ever see a girl who needs a somebody who is always there , she is one who gives warm greetings and pleasant talks .... you may mistaken her for an angel .... or something more passionate no other words can explain sally or define her in anyway, lovable meets the criteria. no genuine girl you meet will be any better than her take her as a classic breed .... a someone who shines magnificently more than other people around her no ones going to be able to replace her.
sally is understanding ,considerate, interesting i could keep on going ...lush personality , unbelievably good looking , funny , cute , kind , caring and lots more out of this world.
by speedy ™ November 30, 2011
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'Dayum, what a Sally!'
by Vera Land December 27, 2008
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