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a small, boring town towards the south end of connecticut. full of old people and teenagers, most of which do pot. people that live in haddam generally go to haddam elementary school, then haddam-killingworth middleschool, then haddam-killingworth (HK) high school. "you cant spell hick without hk!"

basically there is nothing to do in there. there's 2 firestations, 2 graveyards, the haddam meadows, cockaponsett, lots of land and woods, a library, and senior center, an old jail house that ppl like to graffitti when theyre high, dunkin' doughnuts, and a few pizza places, none of which are within walking distance.

a generally rich place to live, upper-middle class.
haddam stuff exampleee
by blee bloo blah March 10, 2009
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slag for Nasty discusting slut bitch whore cunt dirty bum.
A very bad coplament
can be used to describe someone in a bad way
nankid331:Yo!you madd guueenn
Tiffygirl42396: You mad haddams
nankid331: 0_o ...
Tiffygirl42396: =D
by prettytiffyx3 February 08, 2009
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