A ghetto neighborhood in Tacoma known for gangs,drugs, high crime, and shootings. Its located near downtown Tacoma. Tacoma is 20 miles south of Seattle.
some guy just got shot in Tacoma

must of been in hilltop
by left coast killa September 2, 2008
Trent isn't special he's hilltop, that puts special to shame.
by Solid Mantis June 15, 2018
People who are hilltop are better at life than people who are failures.
Those two are so hilltop, that must be why they're better than me at life.
by Solid Mantis June 15, 2018
A person too good or too rich to be caught or seen down the hill is hilltop.
Yea, he don't fuck with me. You know Bryan is hilltop now.
by Solid Mantis June 15, 2018
A midget on a hilltop can see further than the wrestlers that tower over the tall people you know and hate.
Mini me is hilltop and heir to the life you could never live.
by Solid Mantis June 15, 2018
The street name for an area in West Philadelphia called Overbrook. More specifically, the boundaries are between 57th and 63rd Streets (North and South) and Media Street and Lancaster Avenue.
Where do you live? I live around 60th and Lansdowne.

So you live in Hilltop.

by BQ Smooth February 21, 2009
A nickname for Snow Hill, MD....home of Snow Hill High School... the best high school in this whole country...Snow Hill is the best town in Worcester County...what now Decatur and Pocomoke!!!!!...run and tell that homeboy!!!!...also called Da Hill...632 is where its at!!!!!!...21863 is all the world needs!!!!...HILLTOP STAND UP!!!!!!
girl: where you from?

girl 2: Hilltop dude!
by tha running homegirls March 22, 2011