2 bros chill in a hot tub but make sure that they are 5 feet apart so its not gay
"2 bros chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart because they are not gay"
by .im.gay. October 26, 2020
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When a boy (andrew) get a little extra happy around a girl he is in love with, mostly from staring at her chest.
but what ever this girl doesnt really care, unless she notices allll, and he isnt paying attention to what she is saying
See: Whuuuut?
Andrew: I Love you Natalie
Natalie: Mento 5 feet away
Mento: K

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someone who is near, but can't actually be held or spoken to. Someone who you want to be with but impossible to have. All you can do is be 5 feet away.
Troy: I want to tell you how i feel... but I'm better off as your bestfriend... it's better to be 5 feet away...
by translatinator November 27, 2018
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Popular YouTuber Cody Ko who is canonically very small.
"Yo dude, who are you watching?" "Me? Oh I'm jus watching Short little small guy who is under 5 feet" "Oh shit I love Cody Ko."
by Bu T. Ton June 14, 2024
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