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School was closed today because of a snow day.
by Kranse January 27, 2004
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An unexpected day when you are supposed to go to school but it is canceled. An unexpected break. An unexpected escape from it all. A day to relax, not a day to catch up on work.
by Timmy G. February 14, 2007
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A glorious day that is celebrated by sledding, having snowball fights, and building snow tunnels.
I had a snow day once, it was awesome..............
by Theory's Apprentice July 05, 2006
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A day in winter when a large amount of snow falls in a short amount of time making travel difficult. Schools close for this reason. Usually enjoyed unless you are older in which case you have to shovel. Has become increasingly common in the Northern Midwest and New England over the past few years.
Guy 1: Hey did you see the weather forecast?
Guy 2: Yea, 15 inches of snow tomorrow.
Guy 1: You know what that means...
Guy 2: SNOWDAY!!!

Teacher: Hmm chance of snow for next week.
Student: it will be a snow day.
Teacher: No it wont
Student: Yes it will we live in Wisconsin.
by Distance4life February 11, 2010
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The best school day(s) of the year. Usually despised by those who have to work.
"It's a snow day, so feel free to sleep in."
by Psylicide December 03, 2006
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A day in which schools close because of the fear of being sued by ridiculous parents in the event a bus skids on the ice. Most likely to happen in Eastern Pennsylvania when the first flake of snow falls. Immediately, the schools will call in to the TV Stations to announce their closings. Each school is dependent on one another, for once a school delays or closes, all other schools decide to close as well. A school is also forced to close because otherwise students would be exhausted the next morning because they would be up all night watching the chain reaction of schools canceling, only to find out theirs did not.
"Yes! We got a trace of snow and have a snow day! Haha! My cousin's school is out of the chain reaction of schools and he does not have a snow day. I shall call him during his 3rd period class to tease him."
by ssavoy December 05, 2007
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I don't have much work to do, but I still want a snow day!
by Matt I January 22, 2005
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