School was closed today because of a snow day.
by Kranse January 28, 2004
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An unexpected day when you are supposed to go to school but it is canceled. An unexpected break. An unexpected escape from it all. A day to relax, not a day to catch up on work.
by Timmy G. February 14, 2007
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The best school day(s) of the year. Usually despised by those who have to work.
"It's a snow day, so feel free to sleep in."
by Psylicide December 4, 2006
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I don't have much work to do, but I still want a snow day!
by Matt I January 23, 2005
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1) Potentially the best use of snow since the invention of a snowball.

2) An excuse for lazy teachers, bus drivers, and of course the parents of students who are overworried about poor driving conditions and the saftey of their children.
Yes! A snow day. I think I'll sit inside making definitions of epic things on UD.
by bunstofuns February 24, 2010
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(noun) any day when school is cancelled unexpectedly, but not necessarily because of snow.
other causes include but are not limited to:
ice (bad roads), low temperature (buses can't start), winds, power outages, no heat, lice epidemic (school closes for cleaning), sickness (so many students are out sick that it's not worth keeping the school open).
I got a snow day!
But it's 60 degrees outside.
Yeah, but the wind knocked the power out at school.
by ellibelle April 28, 2011
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Calling a personal snow day, despite clear weather and no snow on the ground, on account of being lazy. Often used in college after a night of drinking, one declares a snow day followed by skipping all classes/meetings to play video games. Snow days may even be called for summer classes. Originating from Western Illinois University, Washington Hall 7.
It's another snow day, I'm not doing a damn thing all day.

Nah, I didn't go to class, I called it a snow day.
by Dave710 January 21, 2005
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