“CT” also known as Crypto Twitter. Home to some of greatest traders, and biggest larps in the world. People always told you a couple grand was a lot of money, but then you see CHAD Thunder-cock tossing around millions getting liquidated daily. Tweet about getting rekt, and then some cartoon character tags your post with @inversebrah.
You been on CT today?
“Yeah, Bitcoin looks great. Pump it loomdart.”
by Peter Schiff’s Burner December 1, 2020
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In San Francisco the term "CT" stands for Chinatown. A new term has emerged for "CT" meaning "Chinese gang" or "Chinese gangster". The term "CT" in San Francisco, CA is primarily used by young Asian and Asian-American teens attending the public schools.
"Yo son let's meet up at ct."
"A bunch of CT's jumped the Nortenos."
by crazyemily009 August 14, 2008
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person 1: dude why didn't you show up to the hockey game last night? you told us to buy your tickets!

person 2: oh my bad man, did nashville win?

person 1: cts, just tell me why you weren't there.
by dodongo56 May 1, 2011
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CT, short for Counter-Terrorist, are the pussies in counterstrike who never come and disarm the fucking bomb when you storm past them and plant it.
"These CT's are pussies, they camp at the spawn and expect us to come to them when we could just plant the bomb!"
by Seph May 13, 2004
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A female or gay male who refuses to put out. A cock tease.
She's hot, but I hear she's a CT.
by SpiderMark March 23, 2003
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Conspiracy Theorist (abbreviated on blogs)
Don't be a CT. There was no election fraud in New Hampshire.
by maryann3 January 11, 2008
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