To ravagely anally penetrate someone, often times till they bleed.
I hacksawed your moms ASS last night!!!
by ankleater2112 September 26, 2007
A person who is descended from rednecks but they don't commit incest and they eat with forks. However they are still small minded and often messy. They however can have 2 parents who are both hicks,rednecks or hillbillies. They can also be a mix of a normal or rich person and a redneck person.
Jonathan: I heard Billy is going to his family reunion.

Walter: I heard his mom is a redneck. His dad is a not a redneck,hell he is a head member of a country club.

Jonathan: What a hacksaw!
by Dr.Z August 30, 2006
j00 r teh hacksaw :/
by Addy Vee September 28, 2004
To be a terrible sailor who has no idea what they are doing. They usually sail beat up PS2000's with black rubber bumpers because they cannot stop hitting boats. Avoid these sailors at all costs and they don't have the right to claim that they sail.
Stay away from sail number 333 he is a total hacksaw.
by club420sailor July 27, 2011
the act of giving terrible oral sex by using your teeth more than your lips.
Hacksaw Jim Dugget is hacksawing the shit out of me.
by f.u.k. January 26, 2011
A sexual act involving two men and one woman, whereby the woman is being penetrated at the same time in the anus and vagina. Piston-like action.
Brian and Beau high-fived while performing a dutch hacksaw on Brian's girlfriend.
by allcaps99 March 20, 2009
When one has anal intercourse with a partner, then pulls his shit covered dick out; the shit coated dick is then placed across the partners mouth and moved back in fourth in a sawing motion.

Also known as the Muddy Hacksaw.
Bruce pulled out his shitty rod, placed it on Teds mouth and proceded to give him a Rusty Hacksaw.
by bob October 23, 2004