the slang for high: h1

being soo gonee..
guy 1: dude you're soo gone..
Guy 2: i know im so h1

Britt:dudee.. I'm so h1 right now..
Jess:i know right..
Nicole:..i'm soo gone
by donleet June 15, 2010
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A term synonymous with the word "hummer", that describes the best blowjob one could ever receive from a female who claims to be lacking in sexual experience. Usually given on the first date ending in a swallowing and a kiss goodnight.
Guy 1: Dude, how was your first date with that girl you met in the christian chatroom?

Guy 2: Not bad, I took her to bennigan's and later she totally gave me an H1 on the ride back to her house.

Guy 1: Niiice...
by DeathSlinger00 December 19, 2009
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Same as "hi". Derived from old typewriters that can't distinguish 1 from I
h1, would you like a sandwichuwad?
by S Dibb March 14, 2003
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1. Stainless steel, front-mid-engine SUV made by AMGeneral. AMGeneral having been the military vehicle division of AMC before AMC went bankrupt. AMGeneral was sold off before Chrysler purchased AMC. Chrysler simply bought AMC for its civilian JEEP line. AMGeneral is independant, but licenses GM to build & sell the H2 & H3. Hummers look like big Jeeps because, basically, they are!
2. A fantastic humming blowjob that leads to a mind boggling, cumblasting orgasm.
When I was in Nevada, this totally legal, high priced whore gave me an H1 in my H1 (I was in the Whorehouse parking lot).
by Sex Ed December 27, 2006
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The Hummer H1, made by General Motors-owned Hummer, is a civilian version of the AM General HMMWV (Humvee). It was released in the 1990's and became popular due to its look and amazing off-road capabilities. Being based on a military vehicle, it was very tough and strong. It was originally called Hummer until Hummer made the Hummer H2, then it became the H1.

In 2005, Hummer made the H1 Alpha, which gives the H1 a better engine and interior. The Alpha upgrade will soon be on all Hummer vehicles.

Sadly, most people that own Hummer H1s do not use them for their purpose: off-roading. Most use them for transport like SUVs such as the Ford Expedition. This is frivolous, as the Hummer H1 costs 120,000 USD because it excels in off-roading, not in space. For this purpose, one should buy the Hummer H2, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Suburban, or Honda Odyssey Touring, or even the BMW 760Li.
He was doing some serious off-roading in his Hummer H1, totally destroying that punk in the Explorer.

That woman I talked to was hot, but dumb because she bought an H1 to go to and from work.
by Dr. Thrax May 17, 2005
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