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A girl who always gets her name confused for Brittany or Brett. Sometimes called Brott (bread). Britt is a pretty great person. Funny and a weird ass person but great to hang around with.
Britt is awesome
by BRITT NOT BRETT July 27, 2018
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Probably one of the most badass, spontaneous, adventurous chicks out there. If you have yourself a Britt, be prepared to do some crazy shit!

Britt's are exotic, erotic and sensual. Those girls have a definitive and high sex drive, and wanna get freaky! Britt's are extremely beautiful, and have gorgeous eyes that every other girl envies. Not to mention their bodies! Wow.

Needless to say- if you have a Britt, you're in for a hell of a ride!
Wow... that Britt is so gorgeous, do you think I could get with her?

"No, she's much too adventurous and exotic to be interested in you."
by Platinumpink February 02, 2017
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The most beautiful amazing girl anyone could ever get to meet.
Britt is perfect.
by CHICKEN BAIST3R December 04, 2015
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My girlfriend. The most beautiful girl ive ever met.
The first definition is very offensive and is untrue. Britt is hot.
by Fleabag December 19, 2005
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Contraction of "Be Right"....used for a girl who is super cute and smart; not bigheaded but straight up sweetie.

She knows how to "Be Right" without doing anything.
Yo Jim, ya' know she's see the way she looks and she still talks to you....
by Poyo de mo January 04, 2009
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A sexy smokin hot teenager with a slammin body that dates frequently but not long...Guys want to do her, girls want to be her, but neither can be done.
guy1: "Damn that B-ritt is HOT, i WISH i could do her"
guy2: "Yea but you KNOW that won't happen, shit"
by Frow Farbisina December 06, 2006
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