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A life and soul draining "room" where you spend far too much of your life. Often creates amazingly strong urges to either drink heavily or hang yourself. "Walls" make you think you're in a real office. You try to personalize your cubicle as much as you can to stave off the inevitable insanity which will result in not only the cubicle but also the workload which often comes with it.
Me: I had to spend the whole day in my cublicle.
Friend: You need booze. Here's some beer.
by Grim February 08, 2004

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A psychedelic of the phenethylamine family which occurs naturally in certain cactuses. Contrary to popular belief it is very seldom found in pure chemical form due to the production difficulties and costs. In the hands of the open-minded and intelligent people it can be a great instrument for the exploration of the psyche.
The chemical name for mescaline is 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine
by Grim January 08, 2005

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A wicked movie about the war between Vampyres and Lycans. Set in a timeless gothic city (budapest I think). The Vampyres are led by Victor and the Lycans by Lucian. Relativly low budget movie but it doesn't matter. Great cast, great action and Kate Beckensdale as Selene rocks!
Dude: Those are some wicked 9mm berettas
Other Dude: Dude, this movie rocks!
by Grim February 09, 2004

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A very common saying used by Generals in both World Wars. Every time they came up with a big plan, it was designed to end the war by Christmas and bring the boys home. Of course we all know that never happened. It was used so often that it became a joke.
Field Marshall Montgomery "Market Garden will be so successful it'll be over by Christmas". In reality, it went for more than another year. Good job Monty.
by Grim October 08, 2005

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A soul draining box you live in for 40+ hours a week. You attempt to hold off the inevitable insanity by decorating it, messenger and drinking heavily. You will eventually have nightmares about being stuck in one.
ME: I was stuck in my damn cubical all day
Friend: Wow, you need booze
ME: *chugs a pitcher of beer*
by Grim January 31, 2005

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1. Having sexual relations with the popular virtual pet, Tamagotchi. Can often result in battery leakage and electrocution.

2. One who prefers pixels over penis/pussy.

3. A fruit cake.
1. Bob: Oh Ichigotchi i didnt know you could bend like *that*!

2. Sally: I dont want to meet your daddy, i just want you in my caddy ;)
Tamagotchi: *beep*

3. "Fruit Cakes 1/2 off! THIS WEEKEND ONLY!"
by Grim March 09, 2005

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Thanks for the reply.

Thanks someone for graciously replying to a question they've posted in web-based forums.

That solved my problem just as you said.
by Grim April 20, 2004

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