High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. Replaced the Jeep in the 1980's. Also known as a Hum-vee or wordhummer/word
The HMMWV has a maximum fording depth of 30 inches.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
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Biggest piece of shit vehicle in all of the military banches. Tops out at 45 mph. Starts only 25% of the time and bogs out the rest of the time.
"Why the fuck won't this damn hmmwv start!?!?!?! Piece of fucking shit!!"
by shurts May 7, 2008
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stands for high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle.

very good at off-roading. it's top speed is 55 mph although some hmmwv's can reach speeds of up to 75mph.

The engine sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

it likes to break down at inappropriate times or while just parked.

they like to catch on fire a lot, even without being damaged by an enemy.

plug in accessories (impact wrenches) are also prone to catching on fire.
"we're taking a hmmwv out on our mission today so we better bring some mechanics with us"
by pootcacti March 8, 2009
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