The common iPhone auto-correct for Whitehouse, but apple got one right this time.
1. "Mommy, I'm taking a tour of the whorehouse today!"
by Whorehouse#2 November 4, 2011
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Sland for the Texas Roadhouse restaurant due to the fact that they only hire really attractive girls.
by Geena D May 28, 2008
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A place where women sell their bodies to men who cant get women,because they are too horny to speak to women and only wanna fuck.
Dave the pervert was at the local whorehouse last night.
by suprxme_jo December 1, 2018
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An exageration of how someone smells strongly of perfume to the point that you can't breath the air around them. One who blankets themselves in a strong scent to cover up their disturbing odor.
"It smells like a whorehouse in here," (room obnoxiously smells of body spray.) "You smell like a whorehouse," (when the toxic fumes of their perfume choke you out from a mile away.)
by LochNessaRooo September 29, 2016
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Something you say when you make a costly mistake.
Whorehouse! I just lost 2g's.
by 13 March 26, 2003
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The place your dad sneaks out to while your mom is on her period or pregnant.
"Son, Daddy's going out of town on a buisness trip for the weekend."
by Sgt. Stfu September 21, 2004
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