A really short version of congratulations.
by TEH WALRUS I AM November 15, 2008
slang for congratulations, used alot on diablo II
person 1 "hey i just grew a level"
person 2 "gz"
by i am me July 15, 2004
gz is a short word for congratulations or congrats. So really a short version of it. Used in all online RPG's such as Pristonale, WoW etc.
1: "Hey, i made it!"
2: "gz man! :)"
by Jochemp March 28, 2007
gozu - has its roots on the word gosu
- Offer gz lvl service
- Offer gz itemz
- "watch this gz skill"
by i m leet February 9, 2009
gz means thousand (s) when talkin 'bout money!
Ey yo i got 10gz in my pockets!
Ey yo i got 10.000 $ in my pockets!
by -juw- June 7, 2006
An abbreviation for the German phrase "guten zeit," meaning "good time." An expression for acknowledging when someone is enjoying themselves or has achieved something.
"I met my favorite YouTuber today!"

by argybargybargy June 17, 2016
grant zehler
man i'm glad i'm not that ice newfag gz.
by Anti Grant Gang August 24, 2019