An expression of delight, accompanied by dancing around. Basically saying that the person in question is great, skilled, lucky, etc.

Ususally said in a kind of sing-song way.
"Ooooh yeah! I just won that race! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!"
by Athene Airheart March 21, 2004
Any day in which your girlfriend will let you have anal sex with her. Can be used in past, present and future tenses.
Dude, I bought my girlfriend this awesome choclate browine, and in return it was my birthday!
by theoRidGEinal June 4, 2011
Used by either sex to trick the other party, (usually in a bar)into purchasing you a drink, or perhaps used to elicit some kind of sexual favor later on in the evening.
"How's it going? It's my Birthday tonight!! Oh you wanna buy me a shot?!"
by SOB December 9, 2004
a loud proclamation said by someone when it is their birthday, usually highlighted by said someone forcing a door open with their foot
It was quiet in the house, when all of a sudden Steve busted the door open and yelled :

"it's my birthday NIGGA."

Everyone immediately gave Steve all their money from their respective wallets.
by Galbert-Kun April 4, 2009
When someone says "Queef on my birthday" they usually mean that something bad or really awkward happened. This term is usually used by Skaters, Snowboarders, Surfers or Longboarders. Sometimes when the situation wasn't as bad then they say "Queef after my birthday".
Degnarly: "Dud remember when that girl caught you staring at her ass?"

Vestigialman: "Yeaaah man that was like a Queef on My birthday mannn."

Degnarly: "Yeah Man that was not sick man that was awkward man"
by Vestigialdud April 26, 2018
A social phrase to tell someone to give you a present. because, it's your birthday.
Arny: its my birthday
Michael: So..
Arny: Ahem
Michael: OH YEAH, HERE BRO. -hands wads of cash from wallet-
by CRUNKBEAST December 19, 2009