a catchphrase belonging to a guy named hooper. he says it too often, it’s true though. hooper loves taking his shits and making his stinkies.
hooper: uh oh, I need a diaper change! i made a stinky.
by lolfoot June 25, 2021
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Considering nowadays you can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who will say "that's what she said," you now have the most appropriate response to it ever. "And I made her say it." Perfect. Presto. It just works. Not only does it diffuse an annoying "thats what she said" moment, but it also puts the ball into your court permanently, because the idiot saying it really doesn't have a response to counter it. Go on, don't be shy, try it today! It's risk free! Unless of course you're stupid.
Good time to use it...

Bro1 "Dude did you take that math test?"
Bro2 "Yea man it was sooo harddddd!"
Bro1 "Bro huhhahhaha....thats what she said!"
Bro2 "Yea, and I made her say it!"
Bro1 "Niiiiiceeeee"

Bad time to use it...

Bro1 "Dude, I got high yesterday!!"
Bro2 "Is that all?
Bro1 "Hah! Thats what she said!"
Bro2 "Yea, and I made her say it!"
Bro1 "Fail."
by comediclaughterje December 12, 2010
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To save time on TV cook shows, the presenters will have made an example to show while the dish is taking time cooking.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
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What a man says when he has made a woman orgasm so hard that her teeth profusely vibrate making audibe tones !!!
I fucked her so hard I made her teeth clack!! (In Deep or Jersey male voice)
by WeRclackers...... February 27, 2014
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Said by 90% of contributors to Urban Dictionary after submitting their description of peculiar sexual acts that only exist in their own imagination, as the definition of some concocted word or phrase, which they just made up.
The definition of diddly-doodly-doo is when you are having sex with a giant pile of spinach while playing video games and then your sister comes in and shoves the spinach up her vagina and you take a picture of this and post it on the internet and people in Bangkok get erections from looking at it. I just made this up.
by theguywhowrotethis September 02, 2010
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An expression used to celebrate succeeding while either very high or faking it.

Refers to a line 3:07 into "Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No"--James Blagden's animation of Pirates pitcher Ellis's retelling of the no-hitter he pitched on acid--when Ellis recounts a play where he very gracefully covers first base.
Q: Dude, the client loved those concepts you did last night.
A: Cool, cuz I was high as fuck when I wrote em. Oooh I just made a touchdown!
by Shockman November 18, 2009
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