Shortning of "wa's gwanin?", which in itself is short for "what is going on?". Rastafarian in origin.

General greeting or used in any place where "what's going on?" is appropriate"
Safe blud; wa's gwannin wit' you?

Hello friend; what's going on with you?"
by Anonymous October 10, 2003

wotz happin?

eg. when you meet a m8 u'd say 'gwanin?'
by Buff Fing July 21, 2003
Always paired with "whats".. its another way to say 'up' or 'cool'. Popular amongst the junglist culture, this word originated from Jamaican slang.
"What's gwanin, Pa? or "Whats gwanin Lady Tosh?"
by glitchDNB March 15, 2006
Short form of "What's going on?"

Commonly used in Oakville Ontario
by MynameGwan October 21, 2017