One who is considers themselves a baddass because they talk tough on the internet. They don't even have to have tattoo's, droopy pants, a gun or look tough.
Careful, the e-baddass will bust an e-cap in your e-ass.
by Howie Baby August 24, 2006
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a word used to describe a situation that's exciting or a person who does something really well like dancing, being funny, being entertaining, doing something way out there or just really great
usually said in an over-excited california cool over enthusiastic way

Aundrea: Sounds like a plan I'm bringing the beer bong over
MAndy: "Baddass Experience"

KAylin:Wow she was actually able to get up on the wakeboard!!
MAria: "BAddaSs Experience"!!
by Marissa_<3 January 31, 2008
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A black person, usually a male, who wins the respect of his own people by resisting the dominant white society.
A baddass nigger was a nigger who "didn't take no shit from nobody."
by Tony Magazine July 23, 2006
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