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9 definitions by DJ FoxPhyre

Verb. The act of filling a vehicle with smoke from the illegal drug Marijuana.
fishbowling is accomplished by closing all windows and doors and shutting off all air vents while smoking Marijuana inside the vehicle. fishbowling can be extremely dangerous while driving, and may cause asphyxiation if one stays in a fishbowl too long.

Noun. The inside of a fishbowled vehicle
"holla, we gonna go fishbowl the Tahoe, peace."
"Damn, look at that fishbowl dog. i wanna get in on some of that"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
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Noun. A set of rims with a diameter of 20 inches or greater
alt: Grown Ass Men
"I got my rice-burner sitting on Grown Men"
"That navi looks tight on those Grown Ass Men"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
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Noun. the inside of a vagina; i.e. pussy
I called that bitch up, and she came over and gave me some skull and guts.
by DJ FoxPhyre March 25, 2003
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Noun. relating to the car tuning scene.
a type of suspension system utilizing a type of airbag to keep the car suspended
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
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Adj. form of the phrase trick out.
describes a vehicle, imported or domestic, that has been modified with as many types of aftermarket parts, perfomance or visual-wise, as are suported by that car
"We were up at the chevron and this tricked out RX-7 pulled up."
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
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