A saying used with "Jo Jo's Bizarre Adevnture" whenever somebody asks a stupid fucking question about the show or "When will Hamon return?" they get a response such as "Read the manga"
:Hey guys does Joseph Joestar die in part 4?"
"Read the manga you filthy weeabo trash"
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Some fuckin gay site that that i read manga on surprisingly it has a safer comment section than pornhub ngl and lowers my confidence because my peen is only 7 inches these mother fuckers out here wit dicks bigger than my whole arm Jesus Christ
random dude 1: shit how did i get addicted to this shit? reading my manga is the only site i go on at night help me lord

therapist: thats simple your gay

:) why did you search this up

pornhub: ... what is this shit
by i am not gay chill May 13, 2021
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its like reading hentai but no sex
Friend: So I heard that Mike is Reading Manga, I wonder which one though

Me: So not hentai? Normie
by FortuN8 December 30, 2017
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When someone asks questions about the plot or an event in an anime that has yet to occur.
"Do you think Haki has different forms other than the three basic ones?"
"Go read the fuckin' manga"
by TheBirdOfHermes July 29, 2019
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