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Dustin Camp was guilty for killing Brian Deneke. Brian you are missed, remembered and loved.
R.I.P Brian Deneke
by Tasha July 13, 2004
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There is alot of confusion between what a goth is because there is another 'brand' of person of which could be mistaken for one. These two brands are Goths and Goffs a Goff is a person who dresses in dark clothing and listens to rock and metal ect, a Goth is a person who has all this and believes in romantic death.
By this you should be able to understand that catogrising people aint gd coz u have no fuckin idea what u are goin on about and u sld listen to rock and metal ect its gd
by Tasha March 14, 2004
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used to describe what happens when it's too cold outside.
from looking at it... when your nipples get sucked back into your chest.
by Tasha January 13, 2004
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A tramp that ends up going home from the club with a different guy every night!
Damn did you see shaniesha last night at da club? That girl went home with 2 guys AGAIN! She aint nuttin but a Jayiesha!
by Tasha March 27, 2003
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The condition of forgetting your coffee on the roof of your car and driving off.
After leaving Starbucks, I had brewnesia and didn't realize it until I was 5 minutes down the road.
by Tasha July 10, 2005
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someone who farts...who cuts da cheese, who lets one go
Corey brokewind in shop class...it smelled crazy nasty.
by Tasha September 26, 2004
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