An Angel in Heaven/The Other Side who ensures that you're safe. Everyone has at least 2 of them. They can also be family members or pets in Heaven/The Other Side.
Thank the Creator for all the help from my guardian angel. I just Know my Mom is 1 of my guardian angels. I take lots of risks so I need lots of guardian angels.
by Starchylde June 21, 2016
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i was upset but my guardian angel was there to comfort me
by Viper March 14, 2005
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someone who is always there for you. when your hurt physically and then tells you how to be stronger and someone who gets you through those hard times and even if its something that you dont want to happen and that they no you wont like but they will get you through it once its all done.
guardian angel, angel(o) ;
by Emilyxxohh September 23, 2008
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A sober friend that watches over you and doesn't leave you alone when your completely drunk and/or high
Guy #1: Yo you want to bend an elbow?
Guy #2: Nah I'm straight...I'm Skylar's guardian angel.
Guy #1: Oh true haha...she's messed up.
by skylarweston November 27, 2013
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She's horny and drunk, but I forgot my guardian angel. Damn.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
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A non-profit public safety and crime prevention organization founted in 1979 in the Bronx to combat crime on the subways and has spread throughout the world. They conduct safety patrols in cooperation with local law enforcement. They are distiguished by their red berets and white t-shirts or red jackets with an emblem which has wings and a watchful eye. They do not carry any weapon but are extensively trained in martial arts and self defense.
by archangelmichael December 20, 2010
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