Another name for Heaven or the place people go to in their afterlife. I have lots of family & friends on The Other Side.
The Other Side is a Utophian place, happy, peaceful, relaxing, beautiful.
by Starchylde June 21, 2016
Opposition otherwise known as “opps” in slang where they are from the other opposite rival area.
“Damn I hate the other side” “Man fuck C.H, he’s from the other side” “you know it’s fuck the other side cuz my niggas gone, always been fuck the other side we don’t get along”
by headass_hunter January 14, 2021
1) The location The Chicken needed to get to, causing it to cross The Road.
2) Where people scream "Hello" from.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!
by galactika! August 5, 2016
An act of pure passion between one male and one female that, if executed to perfection, has the capability of turning even the hardest of all hood niggas into a baby back bitch. The ritual begins as the male and female, to evoke the most emotion possible both should be white, don black face and begin to engage in acts of sexual foreplay. In the heat of the moment, the female then blind folds the male and unbeknownst to him, proceeds to render him unconscious with the stench of her menstruating filth. The male will come to in approximately 35 minutes (time will vary depending on the date of when said filth was last washed). As he awakens, she shall remove the blindfold and reveal to him that he is now tied to a fence post in the middle of a plantation. The females father then must repeatedly whip the aforementioned male until he accepts that his new name is now "Toby".
"What is your least favorite part of The Other Side?" "I guess, the menstruating filth?"
by IllTickleWhateverYoudLike August 9, 2012
The other side is the world inhabited by the rich and famous, or maybe simply the wealthy , as seen by those who struggle to make their pennies last to the 20th of the month .

In the Martin Amis novel London Fields , the small time crook and aspiring dart champion Keith Talent imagines himself propelled into the glitzy world of celebrity TV shows with a dream girl at his side:
".. he saw himself.. on a lounger , frowning over a balance-sheet by a personal plunge pool, and Nicola walking past in bikini and high heels, bringing him a drink..or on a patio outside Palermo: glass table and candles .

Redeemed , and free from sorrow .
On the other side.
by Vidor Dolbrus December 8, 2017
Very drunk, almost to the point of being tore down. This saying likely originated in Jamaica.

Sid: "Aye mon, did you see Betty making out with that girl last night? She must be on the other side."
Phil: "Nah man, it's not anything like that, she was just on the other side."
Sid: "Oh OK, that explains it."
by Nick D July 27, 2004
n. An alternative TV channel to the one currently being viewed. Esp. BBC1 for avid ITV1 viewers, and ITV1 for avid BBC1 viewers. More frequently used by the elderly.
"This is rubbish!" said Kevin.
"What's on the other side?"
by pinkmongoose October 14, 2008