the state of being lame.
The poser's lameness knew no bounds; he thought I'd be impressed by his hairy chest and his Pontiac.
by snarkette May 29, 2004
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Adjective used to describe someone who is boring, uncool, or just sucks in general.
That Jake guy from Wisconsin is so lame!
by england92 April 4, 2017
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A characteristic describing someone who is just not cool. You can catch these people posting on social media bragging about their (not so) awesome lives. Their snap stories consist of selfies with filters and events made up only for the snap. Will be seen hanging around people equally as lame, usually all on their phones.

See also: loser , pirates , fratguy
"Did you go on Snapchat today?"
"Yeah... Did you see Donald's story? Pretty lame."
"Saw that.. So lame!"
by probablyinthebathroom May 22, 2016
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A person who is so sexy yet so cute, Their smile lights up a room and they're so loving and caring and put others first. Lamees is also very strong and brave
I'm in love with her, she's a Lamees
by Cuchie maker May 25, 2019
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There are few words other than 'perfect' that can describe the raw beauty of a Lamees. An absolutely beautiful, kind, big hearted, caring, loving, generous, sweet, cute catooo who makes the best girlfriend even to walk the surface of the planet. She can make anyone's day 200X better by just talking to them. Also a massive NF fangirl. Overall an amazing, wonderful, fantastic person.
"I love you so much! You're my Lamees!"
by Seschwanbam July 5, 2019
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A person (mostly a girl) who can light up your day with her beautiful smile and she'd get you in trouble if you start staring at her beauty. She likes to cuddle and to make you feel special ones in a while. I adore her very much.
Lamees lit up my life about 2 months ago.
by TheRealMVP. June 15, 2016
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A very subjective term, usually describing someone who goes against someone's way of thinking. A lame person could be someone who has poor social skills, or lacks charisma. Lame could also imply someone who is rude to other people to be controlling, or someone who follows the crowd without having their own style or unique, paridoxically, lame could also mean someone who is TOO unique and therefore removed from basic normal interactions, ie: this person may still like to play with stuffed animals at age 15 whereas everyone else his age has moved on to Xbox or Twitter. It could further be a word lame people use to take the heat off of being called lame also.
Person A: He writes so small, that's lame.
Person B: It's lame because he dosen't act exactly like YOU? You sound lame.
by Aparaceu July 1, 2016
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