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1.The word grylls can mean anything .. but is most commonly used when decribing some thing as amazing/awesome..
2. Can also be used as a verb , again used in any context/
1."Yes! That film was grylls"
2. "Grylls me a lighter"
by samyul wood October 04, 2007
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verb pronounced "Grill-z": a reference to "Man vs. Wild" star, Bear Grylls. Used to mean a complete annihilation of something, be it a test, situation, or person. Possibly used in a sexual context in place of "slay", "punish", or "hit".
"I totally Gryllsed that test today!"; Bob: How did things go with Sharon last night?" Thom: "I totally Gryllsed that!"
by Evan Grice May 07, 2008
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