Refers to mouth.
I sip with my thom.
by SipishThom November 30, 2020
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The ghodly mother said close your mouth when you eat. The son replied u Thom?
by SipishThom November 30, 2020
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Thom is the funniest most amazing guy you could meet, he shows a lot of respect and is very athletic. He has an amazing bossy and face and is liked by everyone, even though at times he may be annoying and give you mixed signals he is one you don’t want to lose. Everything about him is perfect, his voice, his looks, his sense of humour and his personality, keep a hold of him, because he is a rare one.
Girl 1: he was my best friend and then he just stopped talking to me, I can’t get over it

Girl2: I told you thom was dangerous

Girl1: I miss him
by GuesswhoGH November 21, 2018
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a man of godly status, a true Hemingway hero.
Thom saved a girl from a fire, and needless to say he received an act of 57 from the fine lady afterwards.
by RonaldReagan69 April 11, 2013
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Thom is the most intelligent person i know. He also gets all the lady's.
"damn Thom you just figured out 2 + 2."
by sabatajaaa October 12, 2020
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A preteen that has not been exposed to the glory of deoderant and smells rank and rancid.
Kat- "...what is that smell?"
Ryan- "uhh... I think I forgot to put on deoderant today."
Kat- "Ah! You fucking Thom!"
by Ass Magee May 4, 2007
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