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Grungie is , to put it simply , a cross between a punk-rocker and a hippy. They listen to grunge music, like nirvana and the like.

Grunge began, in the mid 80s, with Seattle indie rock and punk like mudhoney and the Melvins, and their thoughts on life and politics becoming “popular” in the underground punk world. Nirvana brought grunge music to the forefront, and the style became popular.

As for the style its self, it was spawned by combining the styles of hippies, punks, and the mere niceties of Seattle life. The long hair and naturalist theories of hippies, and the ripped jeans and “anarchist” liberal views of punks , and the fact that Seattle is really cold made them were Flannel , creating the "grunge look".
by Guy_on_41 September 12, 2003
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people who call alternative people grungies should be shot

*shoots chris in the face with a load of spunk*

He loves the cock!

Hi my name is djoska, I want your willie in my bumhole, ooh I love it it makes my nipple hard and pointy.
by Valoch.D.M October 21, 2004
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actually, it's not grungie, it's grunger so shut ya mouths!
they listen to rock music and and wear dark clothes and makeup. a lot of them smoke weed and hate townies, but only coz the townies hate them.
little kids trying to be grungers where gay hoodies like slipknot and linkin park.
i myself am a greeb
Nick has never had sex
by Amazin Ali April 07, 2004
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Just a miserable retard who constantly listens to the annoying chainsaw-resembling noise of a guitar.

They always talk about guitars, guitars, and guess wot- more guitars!!!

They wear dennis the menace clothes and are into americanisation. To be honest, they are just a type of teens that don't give a sh1te- not even about how bad they smell (there are some grungie girls who have a rather horrible odour coming from between their legs) as long as it p1sses their parents off.

they aint rebellious, they aint got a life.

Is is suprising that townies and rudes like me wanna beat them shitless from the face of the planet!
Grungie: That guitar player's a genius
Townie: I dont care.
Grungue: Guitars, guitars...
Townie: IS that all you ever talk about you depressin fukka?
Grungie: At least I don't listen to any of that rap shite.
Townie: You wot? You dissin' my style? I'm gonna fukkin beat the shit outta you!
Grungie: Come on then!

<SMACK> the townie smacks grungie in the face, making him bleed. Maybe his vampire girlfriend will come and suck his blood. Bloody vampire/goth things.

Halloween only comes once a year.
by OSKA Gangstaah October 19, 2004
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