Insult used to describe a male who is acting in a weak, vacillating or timid manner.

Meant to imply that in order to gain courage the person named needs to develop a "set" of testicles. See get a pair.
David"I'd like to ask Jane out, but . . "
Chris"Oh, grow a set and ask her, will you?"
by D F Stuckey March 2, 2004
This is a derogatory phrase intended to imply that a male (occasionally female) has no testicles and, therefore, lacks the courage to engage in a task or feat.
Steve backed out of our skydiving trip so I told him to grow a set and do it.
by b-funkadelic March 2, 2004
to grow a pair of balls, implying that one is rather wimpish
come on Timmy grow a set!
by Phil MiCock March 2, 2004
Stop acting cowardly. Ie, get some nuts.
Dude, stop acting like a pussy and grow a set!
by Erik March 3, 2004
a way of telling someone to be brave; relates to testicular fortitude.
"I'm too scared to <enter fear-inducing act here>..."

"Awww, just grow a set and do it, you weenie!"
by hemisphere_shuffler March 2, 2004
A request for someone to grow a set of testicles, to stiffen up their spine, to get tough, to stand up for themselves, etc.
Your GF will not let you come over for a beer?!?! Dude, grow a set!
by bob March 4, 2004
At term used derogatively to another person. Usually means that this person has no testicles/courage.
Man that girl is hot.
Ask her out.
She is so out of my league.
Dude you need to grow a set.
by Gumboy March 2, 2004