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This is a derogatory phrase intended to imply that a male (occasionally female) has no testicles and, therefore, lacks the courage to engage in a task or feat.
Steve backed out of our skydiving trip so I told him to grow a set and do it.
by b-funkadelic March 02, 2004

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This group was founded through the friendship of five individuals who lived in the village of Waynesburg, Ohio. Since its inception in the summer of 1990, the group has grown to an undisclosed number. There are only two requirements to join this exclusive club:
1. One must have lived in Waynesburg, Ohio, or had a Waynesburg address at some point in time.
2. One must be admitted by one of the founding five members.
Alas, we have discovered initial rock and have seen the writings of the original members of the Waynesburg Posse.
by b-funkadelic March 03, 2004

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This legendary rock has eluded people for centuries, but was discovered by the founding members of the Waynesburg Posse in 1990. By carving one's initials into the rock formation, one can be guaranteed of future success.
Holy crap, we've found Initial Rock.
by b-funkadelic March 03, 2004

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