Word heard mostly in Australia's 2nd largest city, Melbourne meaning something wonderful, amazing.
"Kangaroos are grouse, mate!"
by d3rt May 1, 2003
Tommo:Get a fucken load of my big mac
Ben: Thays fucken Grouse
by Darren Thomson June 7, 2005
A word meaning great or good.
Shazza: Aww Wazza, you're grouse!
by AngryChegro July 11, 2003
A term to describe that something/someone is Teriffic, Good, Great!, It r0x.
I had a grouse day today.
by louis October 24, 2001
man, that party was grouse
(man, that party was really good)
by jenzo October 17, 2006
best fkn thing ever
mann that chicks hair is freakin grouse!
by laurenJIZZFACE May 13, 2007
1. something awesome, great etc.

2. can also be substituted with "mickey mouse". continual of australian slang ie. telephone = dog and bone
1. "Like my car?" "Yeah, it's the grouse".

2. "the seats you get there are mickey mouse".
by liverbird upon my chest November 14, 2010