39 definitions by Darren Thomson

Fuckn baddest shit that can happen to you.You go to school for fucken 6 hours then they give you work to do at home. I say fuck homework and fuck the stupid cunt teachers that give it to you.
Ben:Fuckn got homework again lad
Tommo:fuck that shit im not doing it miss doyle can shove it up her arse hole,
by Darren Thomson April 29, 2005
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Rankafied is used when you have a clean perfect soft pair of socks or some thing and you shit on it or spill something on them that smells rank and then it becomes rankafied.
Tommo: Oi ben look at these new socks i got they are so clean and perfect.
Ben: poooooooooooofffff!!!!!!
Tommo: fuck you man why did you fart on my socks that just became rankafied.
by Darren Thomson April 26, 2005
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This word is used in a situation where your mate has said something pretty funny but you couldnt be fucked to laugh so you just say funny shit
Tommo: Oi nathans a stupid cunt
Ben: Funny Shit
by Darren Thomson April 24, 2005
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Something that isnt yours but being said in a diffeent way then not yours.
Ben:Pass over the tinnie
Tommo:Its nachos cunt,its mine
Ben:fuck ya
by Darren Thomson April 30, 2005
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shit cuntz are those cunts that are good for nufffffin. The biggest shit cuntz are Ribbs,and someother shit cuntz.
Tommo:sory ribbs your just a shit cunt
Josh:you should join the shit cuntz
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
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some shit cunt wearing some plastic things on his feet.
Tommo:That rollerblader has nothing better to do
Ben:i reakon guys , what a shit cunt
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
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crazy shash is used when someone does the most pysco shit ever like a big kickflip down a ten set or sum shit if someone says you did some crazy shash it menas it was fucken awsome.
Tommo: Oi ribbs how good was that melon grab it was like 10 feet high.
Nathan: Yeah that was crazy shash
Ben: Thanks guys
by Darren Thomson April 26, 2005
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